eight MASSIVE meals gadgets to strive at these Edmonton meals spots

We don’t know exactly what it is about massive food, but we seem to love the challenge.

In the Instagram era, it’s fun to check out and pose with burgers larger than our heads, or pizzas that barely fit on the table.

It also helps if they taste great, too.

For the thrill-seeking type of diner, they’re just looking where to get the next absolutely huge foods to order.

Here are some of the most massive food dishes you can find in Edmonton.

Leopold’s Tavern

Punch bowl poutine

Leopold’s menu has plenty of tasty options worth ordering, but it’s the behemoth and creative poutines that you absolutely have to order. The Punchbowl Poutine, available in any flavor, is served with one pound of cheese curds, four pounds of fries, and a liter of gravy served in one massive bowl.

Address: 10302 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton


Flirty Bird

Doubled Up Sando

Fried chicken sandwiches are already a hearty meal, but go a little off-menu at this spicy spot and get the biggest one of your life.

Grab a double sando and pack it and see if you can finish the entire thing.

Address: 10455 Whyte Avenue, Calgary


The Burger’s Priest

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

This burger spot is huge in Ontario, and there are two here in Edmonton. If you love huge burgers then keep this one on your radar. It’s opening here soon and will probably be the most massive burger you can find anywhere.

Address: 10148 109th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 2125 98th Street NW, Edmonton


Versato’s Pizza

The Big One

Everyone loves pizza, so who wouldn’t love more of it. Grab one of these monsters in one of the two available kinds and there will be plenty for everyone at the party. “The Big One” is a pie that weighs in at over seven lbs!

Address: 12753 50th Street NW, Edmonton


Jack’s Burger Shack

The Hangover

Jack’s currently has nearly a dozen burgers to choose from on its menu, and they all come in monstrous sizes. If you have the room, the poutine and shakes are definitely something to write home about too. The hangover burger here actually comes between not one, but two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Address: 10354 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Community Taps & Pizza

Mozza Sticks & Onion Rings

The menu is stacked with appetizers, but it’s the MASSIVE mozza sticks and onion rings that we love to see. They could very well be the best in Edmonton, but there’s no debate that these stringy and cheesy wonders are the biggest.

Address: 8232 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton


Three Foodies

Da Mammoth Burger

The chicken pot poutine is a fan favorite, and if you’re brave enough you can order Da Mammoth Burger. This one sandwich has pulled pork, roast beef, bacon, and four mozzarella sticks, so be very hungry when you arrive.

Address: 10344 105th Street NW, Edmonton


D Spot Dessert Cafe Edmonton

Skillet Cookie with Waffles and Ice Cream

With hundreds of dessert options, the menu here is enormous, with eye-popping sweet treats and incredible savory ones as well.

The biggest food item here is debatable, but it’s probably the skillet cookies that come with different toppings, ice cream, and more.

Address: 3803 Calgary Trail NW #540, Edmonton


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