Edmonton’s very first scorching canine pageant begins this weekend

Edmonton’s first hot dog festival is looking for the tastiest frank in town and is taking a bite out of town starting this long weekend.

Featuring a dozen of Edmonton’s signature dogs, the festival begins August 1st and lasts through August 31st.

There are three titles to be won: Top Dog, Wackiest Dog and Relished Dog.

These are the 12 restaurants battling to be the top dog in Edmonton:

Three Vikings eat + drink

Registered hot dog: Viking sausage
Address: 10713 124 Street, Edmonton
Phone: 780-249-6302

DaDeO Diner & Bar

Registered hot dog: Hickory Dickory dog
Address: 10548 A 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-433-0930

Sandwich & Sons

Registered hot dog: To be announced
Edmonton Valley Zoo (13315 Buena Vista Road &, 87 Ave NW, Edmonton)
Phone: 780-453-1465

To give up

Registered hot dog: To be announced
10184-104 Street, Edmonton
Phone: 780-540-5369

40 hectares

Registered hot dog: To be announced
3315 Buena Vista Road &, 87 Avenue NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-429-2020

Woodshed burger

Registered hot dog: The honest German and the Mexican Elote
124 street: 10723 124 Street Edmonton
Ellerslie address: 2307 Ellwood Drive SW Edmonton
124 street phone: 780-752-2874
Ellerslie phone:

The butcher shop of RGE RD

Registered hot dog: Frond with the dog
12229 107 Avenue, Edmonton
Phone: 780-443-0000

Tea pee treats

Registered hot dog: The Bannock Brontasaurus Chili Dog
Address:11725 93 Street NW Edmonton
Phone: 780-616-9200

Lost dogs hot dogs

Registered hot dog:The Cowboy Trail, The Chinook Dog, The Complet-O, ​​The Reuben Dog, The Coney Island Dog
10257 105 Street NW Edmonton (Campio Brewing Co.

Avila Arepa’s Food Truck “The Capy”

Registered hot dog: To be announced
Phone: 780-249-9436

The Westin Edmonton

Fat francs

Registered hot dog: La Street dog
Address: # 125 5015-101 Avenue, NW Edmonton
Phone: 780-757-3287

The festival also includes giving back to the community; $ 1.50 of every weenie sold goes directly to support Edmonton Meals on Wheels.

Support for local, tasty dogs and some money for the needy? Great.

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