Edmonton’s summer time patio program now open for companies

Restaurants, bars and cafes are invited to help bring the city’s streets and sidewalks to life by planning a summer patio. Three quick-start patio design options, outlined in the Summer Patio Program Guide, will help the City and businesses work together to create safe and accessible spaces for everyone.

According to the City, summer patios can add to vibrancy, and make the city thrive. Businesses looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive option to take advantage of early spring weather can submit a declaration to the City that will allow them to set up a small sidewalk patio. Small sidewalk patios allow for tables and chairs to be set up outside on nice days while allowing a minimum two-metre clearance for people using sidewalks.

Businesses looking for a more robust patio can apply for a License of Occupation with the City. Full detail on the latter options are available in the program guide.

Application and occupancy fees will be waived once again to support business recovery due to the pandemic.

Visit edmonton.ca/TemporaryPatios to learn more.

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