Edmonton’s rising river water makes for harmful circumstances

Because of heavy rainfall in recent days, the City of Edmonton says residents should practice caution over the next few days near the North Saskatchewan River.

Water levels in Edmonton are expected to rise over the next 24 hours, peaking Friday morning, according to the Government of Alberta’s River Forecasting Centre. These high-water levels may cause some flooding in areas running along the river, the City advised in a release.

Edmontonians should:

  • Stay out of the water.

  • Stay away from low-lying areas along the North Saskatchewan River until the water recedes.

  • Refrain from allowing pets near the river during this time.

  • Keep watercraft off the river due to fast moving water, strong currents and debris in the water.

As of this morning, four low-lying trails have been closed. They are:

  • Emily Murphy Park to Kinsmen Park lower trail

  • Highlands lower trail

  • River loop trail alongside Fort Edmonton Park

  • Gold Bar Park lower trail

Other low-lying trails may be closed on short notice, so people are asked to check the City of Edmonton’s trail closures map before exploring the city’s river valley and parks.

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