Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution receives assist changing the stolen catalytic converter

EDMONTON – After the grocery bank had a catalyst stolen from one of their vans on Tuesday, two stores in the Edmonton area increased to cover the cost of replacements and repairs.

This is the third catalyst theft in six months for the grocery bank’s fleet, leaving the nonprofit understaffed.

“Someone comes in overnight and basically covers their face, covers their license plate, parks in a corner where we can’t see who they are through our cameras, and they take the catalysts,” said Carly Kincaid-Williams, a spokeswoman from Edmonton’s Food Bank.

After hearing of the grocery bank disaster, Millwoods’ Speedy Auto Service and JLG Industries of Legal offered to handle the costs.

“Depending on whether it is fuel or diesel engines,” says Mike Briggs of Speedy Auto Service. “It can cost a few thousand dollars.”

Briggs says the converters can weigh up to 80 pounds and are made from precious metals like platinum.

“I got it when I heard the news that this was happening,” said Larry George, CEO of JLG Industries. “It’s kind of sad, sad and pathetic.”

The delivery vans rely on the collection of donations as well as the delivery of groceries to those in need across the city.

Edmonton’s Food Bank, which is entirely donation-based, says it is grateful for this unexpected partnership between the two companies and says the money it saves can go back to fighting hunger.

“It’s fantastic because we don’t have to spend that money to fix the problem,” said Kincaid-Williams. “We can use it again to feed the people in our community and feed our neighbors who need help.”

Speedy Auto Service says it will provide the labor of replacing the catalytic converter for free, while JLG Industries will pay for the parts.

Even though the costs are covered this time around, there are still concerns that it will happen again. The board says if the crime is desperate, just stop by.

“Don’t steal. It’s not worth it, ”said Kincaid-Williams. “If you need help, we are here.”

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