Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution lower than $ 3,000 under what it takes to exchange her forklift

EDMONTON – Edmonton’s Food Bank raised almost enough money to replace its forklift.

By Thursday afternoon, $ 22,700 had been raised.

The forklift, one of two forklifts that help the organization lift millions of pounds of groceries each year, has exceeded its life expectancy and needs to be replaced.

Last year the table moved an unbelievable 4.8 million kilograms of food.

“A forklift is one of the key elements of the infrastructure that is needed to move this food,” said spokesman Tamisan Bencz-Knight.

“Without one, it would be so difficult to unload the semi-trailers.

According to the organization, the forklift truck would cost more to repair and is simply beyond saving.

With a new forklift truck costing $ 50,000, Edmonton’s Food Bank launched an online campaign to raise half the amount needed. The charity has also reached out to past corporate donors.

Those involved are happy about every donation, large or small.

Benz-Knight said: “If someone rolls up for us with a brand new forklift today, it would be very grateful!”

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