Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution launches Christmas marketing campaign

EDMONTON – More people than ever have accessed Edmonton’s Food Bank in the past month, according to newly released figures.

A total of 23,119 customers were helped by the Tafel in October – 8,645 of them were teenagers and 14,474 adults.

That is an increase of more than 1,000 customers compared to October 2018, when 22,118 customers accessed the board.

The majority of families who used the blackboard were single parents, and people between the ages of 31 and 44 were most likely to have access to it.

The Edmonton numbers contrast with a nationwide trend where food bank usage has stabilized this year, with roughly the same number of total visits as in 2018, according to a report by Food Banks Canada.

“While the number of grocery bank visits is still shockingly high for a month, it is 1 percent lower than last year,” the report said. “This corresponds to strong economic indicators such as low unemployment rates.”

The report also found that the overall percentage of children who have access to food banks is decreasing, although teens under the age of 18 are still over-represented.

Edmonton’s Food Bank shared the dates as it prepared to launch its 2019 Christmas campaign.

The nonprofit has set a goal of collecting 370,000 kilograms of food and $ 2,000,000 for its Christmas campaign, which runs from November 12th to January 10th.

“These goals are essential so that the organization can offer festive communal meals and baskets while ensuring services that will remain consistent through 2020,” Edmontons Food Bank said in a press release.

Festive brown bags will be set up across the community to accept donations, and the organization said it will accept donations in any bag or box.

Nearly 400 Edmonton events are planned to raise funds and funds for the panel this year, including YEG Candy Cane Lane, a giant Christmas lights that takes place in Edmonton’s Crestwood community.

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