Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution is working to scale back waste whereas feeding extra individuals – Edmonton

Edmonton’s Food Bank is trying to keep food out of landfills and get more to the plates of those in need. The organization uses a number of programs that focus on reducing food waste to landfill while serving customers.

“We take prepared and perishable foods from canteens, restaurants and hotels, store them, and then share them with our agency partners so they can feed their customers,” said Samantha Potkins of the Tafel.


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Second Helping, in partnership with Alberta Health Services, is one of those programs that has been helping the organization with access to extra meals since 2009.

“In the past three years, the program has diverted over 50,000 kilograms of food from the landfill.”

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Potkins said it made a pretty big impact with retail partners, with between 60 and 80 percent of its food coming from the food industry.

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“Much of that comes from seasonal produce, shipping, or branding,” she said. “It’s not put on shelves for consumers, but the product itself is perfectly safe.

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“Best before dates are more an indicator of quality and freshness, but not of safety. It just might not be the optimal color or consistency, but it’s still safe. “

If you choose to donate to Edmonton’s Food Bank, they will accept non-perishable food within one year of the best-before date.

“We ask that food past the sell-by date be donated directly to Edmonton’s Food Bank so we can deliver it to our customers as soon as possible,” said Potkins.

The organization does not accept food that has expired.

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