Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution Festive Marketing campaign begins

EDMONTON – Edmonton’s Food Bank is hoping to build up its inventory for the holiday season after the ongoing pandemic affected many of its 2020 events.

The Tafel’s festive campaign aims to donate 250,000 kg of food and $ 1.7 million in monetary donations to support Tafel’s services of providing meals and food baskets to those in need.

The organizers hope the campaign will help guide the charity through both the Christmas season and the New Year, a time when unemployment is traditionally higher.

Marjorie Bencz, executive director of Edmontons Food Bank, told CTV News Edmonton that the need is high right now, in part due to the way COVID-19 has changed fundraising drives.

“We have relied heavily on special events and grocery promotions to raise groceries and funds for Edmonton’s Food Bank, and unfortunately all of these have changed in the context of the pandemic.”

The organization is now awaiting a decision on how Candy Cane Lane, one of the largest food bank fundraisers in Edmonton of the year, will work.

“It’s a big one. It’s a few weeks off, and again it will depend on what the organizers are and what precautions need to be taken.”

The festive campaign runs through January 8, 2021. Edmontonions can donate groceries at local grocery stores and make monitoring donations on the food bank’s website.

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