Edmonton RV residents needed to pay costly payments after chilly injury – Edmonton

The cold snap in mid-February left dozens of RVs in Edmonton’s Maple Oak Ridge community with frozen pipes and secured sewers.

Resident Jennifer Belikka said the damage cost her thousands of dollars.

“I was without water for five days,” Belikka said on Monday.

“My insulation under my trailer is wet and soaked. The baseboards are broken, the carpets are soaked, my toilets have overflowed, and it’s really frustrating.

“I had to pay $ 5,000 to fix my sewer pipes. I do not have that much money.”

The Twin Parks Community League represents the Maple Oak Ridge Community. President and RV owner Crystal Chalmers said that when such problems arise, there is no one to turn to.

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“It was frustrating to live here.”

“Decide who is responsible for what, what is a parking problem and apparently none of that is ever a city problem,” Chalmers said.

“We have had so many homeowners grappling with frozen water and sewer pipes, and in general a lot of them are just looking for answers, just for help. They can’t find plumbers to work on their houses. “

Most residents own their RVs but have to pay rent for the land they stand on. When it comes to pipe freezing, everything underground is up to the landlord and everything above ground falls on the homeowner.

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Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Vice President Lachlan MacLean said RV owners have the same rights and responsibilities as any other homeowner.

“We’re here to try to work with them and do our best to support them in this partnership because we own the land and they own the house,” said MacLean.

Chalmers also reached out to her Alderman Mike Nickel on Twitter, but she said both the Community League and her personal page have been blocked. She said she emailed Nickel explaining her concerns, but she received no response.

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“I want to be seen as 900 voters in the community instead of just constantly going to our property manager for the answer. I want us to be seen like any other style of living, ”said Chalmers.

Nickel said it worked with Parkbridge and the Community League to resolve concerns ranging from drainage issues to transit services.

“Twitter is not the right way to find solutions,” said Nickel.

“I say send us an email. That creates a point and space in time and an actual element. This is how it is done in the town hall. “

“So if you have these issues, email me right now and we will look into it and push for the solution like we always do.”

Last year the province changed regulations so that RV owners are treated like any other renters in disputes with their landlords, but this situation is in a gray area.

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Alberta law proposed to settle disputes between renter and renter of RVs out of court

In a statement, the province said this is the first step and not all concerns can be addressed. It is also reviewing a survey it conducted for residents to address more concerns.

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“The province is working on it. It’s very slow, so what should these tenants do in the meantime? ”Said Chalmers.

“I would like more resources.”

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