Edmonton police seize greater than $850Okay in cocaine following half-year investigation

A nearly six-month investigation has resulted in a significant drug seizure in the Edmonton area, police said.

According to the Edmonton Police Service, Operation Electric started in the spring of 2021 and focused on drug-trafficking involving a number of people.

In December, EPS said investigators applied for multiple warrants for residences in both Edmonton and Beaumont.

During the search, police seized a prohibited AR-15 rifle, 10.7 kilograms of cocaine worth nearly $856,000 on the street and another $2,450 in cash.

“This is a significant localized drug seizure that will surely have an immediate disruptive impact on this crime group and a positive impact within our community,” Staff Sgt. Blayne Eliuk, with EPS, said.

The investigation is ongoing, but according to Eliuk people of interest have been identified and charges will be “forthcoming” at a later date.

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