Edmonton Metropolis Presents Reductions For Eco-Pleasant Residence Enchancment – Edmonton

From buying new windows to replacing a hot water heater to buying solar panels, the city of Edmonton wants to make eco-friendly home improvement more affordable.

The Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator started on Monday. It will grant up to $ 600,000 per year to homeowners doing renovations that increase the energy efficiency of their home.

The city says the average household could get around $ 1,500 in discounts.

“Discounts are available on a number of energy retrofits, including Energuide ratings of insulation upgrades, air ceiling improvements, window upgrades, water heating upgrades, space heating upgrades and net-zero retrofits,” said Lisa Dockman, Energy Transition Project Manager.

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After UCP Energy Efficiency scrapped Alberta in 2019, the provinces’ financial incentives for energy-efficient upgrades disappeared.

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“This was clearly a response to the fact that the province has withdrawn these incentives to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets in recent years,” said Mayor Don Iveson.

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Edmonton City Council declares climate emergency

Edmonton City Council declares climate emergency – August 27, 2019

In August 2019, the city council declared the climate emergency and the city pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030.

“The residential sector is responsible for 19 percent of Edmonton’s greenhouse gas emissions,” Dockman said.

“By lowering the cost of energy-saving homes, the program will make energy efficiency more accessible to more Edmonton residents,” said Stephanie McCabe, assistant city manager, Urban Shape and Strategic Business Development.

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Alberta Central’s chief economist Charles St-Arnaud said the program’s biggest winners are homeowners.

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“Reducing your heating bills and cooling bills will lead to some savings over time. Especially when we know that the federal level has decided to raise the carbon tax in the coming years, ”he said.

But Iveson said it wasn’t just about the environment; it is also about stimulating the economy.

“The renovators, the builders, the craftsmen, the energy efficiency experts in the community – job creation is one of the most important things our community needs in order to recover.”

Dockman said the last time the city ran a home energy program – through the now-defunct energy efficiency Alberta – it was very successful, with Edmontoners spending about $ 15 million on renovations.

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“In the city of Edmonton, home renovation accounts for more than 10,000 jobs, the equivalent of $ 724 million in wages and $ 1.2 billion in investment,” said Sydney Bond, President of the Edmonton Area of ​​the Canadian Homebuilders Association.

She represents more than 460 local housing companies.

“A typical newly built house is 47 percent more energy efficient today than a 1985 house. With half of Canada’s housing stock built before 1985, the greatest opportunity to improve energy efficiency lies in energy renovation,” said Bond.

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Solar installers are pondering the future of the industry under the government of the UCP

Solar installers ponder the future of the industry under the government of the UCP – April 19, 2019

The program has an annual budget of $ 600,000 for the next three years and is open to single-family, semi-detached, townhouse, and RV owners.

In order for homeowners to enroll, they must first receive an EnerGuide Home Energy Rating, then have 18 months to complete the upgrades and apply for discounts.

“Homeowners who make three or more upgrades may be eligible for a 20 percent bonus discount on all completed upgrades,” said Dockman.

Discounts will be given on a first come, first served basis, and the mayor said that when the money runs out, the council will consider additional assistance.

With the current funding, 400 households are expected to be able to participate annually.

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