Edmonton Metropolis Membership: Unique enterprise membership to open within the fall

If you’ve been waiting for a member-only experience to get to downtown Edmonton, then hopefully the wait will be over soon.

The Edmonton City Club, which is slated to open in the fall of 2022, has announced that it will open in the Edmonton City Center East Mall.

This members only club aims to be a diverse community of like-minded business people in a safe and respectful environment. The Edmonton Petroleum Club has been a must-have private club for over 70 years, and this new version is ready to debut in an exciting new location.

The lifestyle, slated to be one of Edmonton’s “first” private travel destinations, will appeal to anyone who works in business to network with others, connect with colleagues, and enjoy world-class amenities.

Some of the amenities and events that make this new space so prestigious are exciting dining experiences, networking activities, social events, family reunions, and more, according to the Edmonton City Club website.

“We are very excited to start the new year with a new location and a new membership campaign for the Edmonton City Club,” said Anthony Nelson, the president of the club, in a statement on behalf of the Edmonton City Club.

“Our board of directors and legacy members are committed to developing a new private club in a central and accessible downtown location,” said Nelson. “The new club has been designed with the business and lifestyle needs of today’s modern professional in mind, and is designed to help our members get back into the local business world in a safe and healthy manner,” he added.

There are different membership categories that are perfectly tailored to the needs of anyone looking for that exclusive type of experience.

Whether you only live in Edmonton part time or want to become a lifetime member, they are here to help.

Right now, the Edmonton City Club is offering limited time discounts on the annual subscription for its risk-free introductory membership.

Edmonton City Club membership seats are likely to fill up quickly, so don’t wait too long.

Edmonton City Club

Address: Edmonton City Center East Mall – 10025 102A Avenue NW, Edmonton


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