Edmonton Meals Financial institution is anxious about 2022 and is attempting to hit its year-end purpose

Edmonton Food Bank is in the middle of its main fundraising season and worried about the outlook for 2022.

A drive-through event hosted by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Association got people away on Sunday with food and cash donations for the food bank.

“I think everyone should have a good meal around Christmas time and this year has been difficult for most people, so I think any little bit helps,” said Wayne Dicks, a donor.

The end of the calendar year is an important time for the Edmonton Food Bank.

“In the last 45 days of the calendar year, almost half of our operating budget flows in and a large part of the food flows into the following year,” said Tamisan Bencz-Knight, a spokesman for the food bank.

“As an organization, we look far beyond, two, three, six months to see what we have in our inventory and what we need to buy, and we take these precautions.”

Your goal is to collect 200,000 kg of food and $ 2 million in donations.

“We operate all year round, so the funds and groceries that help us get through the Christmas season right now help us, but it sets the tone for the services in 2022,” said Bencz-Knight.

“If you look around the warehouse, we have a lot of surpluses … a lot of products are coming in, which is good given the challenges we face for 2022.”

The food bank currently serves 25,000 people every month, sometimes it can even be 28,000 a month, and 40 percent of its customers are children, according to Bencz-Knight.

“If you are still hesitant to talk about inflation, the labor market, against Covid, there are so many dynamics at play right now that it is more complicated than it used to be,” she added.

“Will it affect our donors? Will it affect our customers more? Will it affect people who actually make it but now have to turn to the board about these price increases? “

The Tafel is also struggling with delays in getting the items it needs and paying more for them.

Currently, they have collected half of their food goal and about a third of their monetary goal.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson

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