Edmonton Meals Financial institution is aiming to fill a $ 10,000 hole and meet the 50/50 raffle goal

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The Edmonton Food Bank is about $ 10,000 away from its 50/50 raffle target, and with just over a day left to sell tickets, the organization is looking for help filling the void close as she completes a challenging year.

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As of Wednesday noon, the board had raised more than $ 9,200 for a donation goal of $ 20,000, but supporters still have time to give, said spokesman Tamisan Bencz-Knight.

“If you can help and support this, please do so,” she said. “If you can’t do it now, that’s fine – maybe you commit to doing something in 2022.”

Bencz Knight said.

So far, she added, the Tafel has achieved about 85 percent of its food donation goal and about three-quarters of the monetary goal of the 2021 Festive Campaign, both of which will support a growing number of Tafel users.

In 2021, Bencz-Knight said, an average of 25,000 people per month (and sometimes even 28,000) used the Tafel’s basket service, while in 2020 an average of 21,000 people used the service.

To further insult the injury, two grocery bank trucks were recently decommissioned after the catalyst was stolen on Saturday. The organization announced the setback and shared a surveillance video of the incident on Twitter.

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered about this unfortunate incident and offered their support / kind words. We were so lucky and fortunate to have immediate support from our friends @uhaul, @CliffsTowing and Lomax Diesel. Thank you for getting our trucks back! ❤️❤️ https://t.co/FlotKOyLhN

– Edmontons Food Bank (@yegfoodbank) December 22, 2021

“The challenge here is the ripple effect of losing these vehicles at this important point in time,” said Bencz-Knight. “Not only are we trying to raise food donations to build up our supplies to continue our services in 2022, we are also sending groceries to our partners.”

While the theft was disheartening, Bencz-Knight said, it was encouraged by support from local business communities like Cliff’s Towing, U-Haul, and Lomax Fleet and Diesel, who helped bridge the organization and get the trucks back on the road until Tuesday.

For people who support the Tafel’s general mission, whether it be in providing food or donating money to keep the lights, fridges and freezers going, or helping with replacing catalysts, Bencz-Knight adds their contributions are sorted and assigned to help the organization continue its operations.

“We appreciate that the community supports us in all these times,” said Bencz-Knight, “especially in the harder times.”

50/50 ticket prices range from $ 5 for one to $ 20 for five to $ 50 for 10.

The ticket sale ends on Thursday, the drawing takes place on Friday.

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