Edmonton Meals Financial institution Asks For Cash, Not Meals Throughout COVID-19 Outbreak

EDMONTON – Edmonton’s food bank is starting to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the uncertain times, the food bank is hoping Edmontoners will still donate, but differently.

“We’re asking for cash at the moment because we can buy what is needed when it is needed,” said spokeswoman Carly Kincaid Williams.

The Food Bank typically caters to 22,000 people a month, but expects that number to increase depending on the length of the pandemic.

“Given job insecurity, people will use our services who they haven’t used in the past and we will be there for them. That goes without saying, but we need more donations.”

Social distancing also affects volunteers who sort and pack the baskets. They used to rely on a steady stream of large groups to come, but now the focus is on healthy individuals or couples.

To donate, visit the Edmonton Food Bank website.

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