Edmonton high Canadian metropolis that buys sexual well being merchandise on Uber Eats

Edmontonians seem to be embracing sex more than any other city in Canada, according to a new report by Uber Eats.

Uber Canada compiled data on the most popular and unique sexual wellness products purchased in cities across Canada on Uber Eats, and Alberta’s capital came in first place.

Pregnancy tests and condoms top the list of the most popular sexual health products ordered on Uber Eats, with emergency contraceptives, lubricants and sex toys rounding out the top five.

“We also rank the Canadian cities that are the most prepared for sexual adventures, based on how many sexual health products they’re purchasing on Uber Eats,” the news release stated.

Here are the top 10 Canadian cities that are the biggest consumers of sexual health products on Uber Eats

  1. Edmonton
  2. Ottawa
  3. Calgary
  4. Toronto
  5. Vancouver
  6. Quebec City
  7. London
  8. windsor
  9. Montréal
  10. Kitchener-Waterloo

So, keep at it Edmonton. We love to see safe practices!

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