Edmonton has simply been hit by the largest Might snowfall in six years (PHOTOS)

You can tell that it’s almost the long weekend in May because Alberta has snow this week.

Edmonton residents were treated with rain Tuesday, which turned to snow by evening and brought two inches into the city.

According to Environment Canada, this was the most snow Edmonton has seen on a May day in six years. On May 6, 2015, four inches of the fluffy white stuff was picked up at Edmonton Airport.

Good news, Edmonton – the turmoil is expected to end this morning as the temperature steadily rises as we near the weekend.

According to The Weather Network, the forecast for the long weekend is sunshine and warm temperatures with clear skies and a maximum of 15 ° C on Saturday.

The forecast for Sunday is 17 ° C with a mixture of sun and clouds. The holiday Monday is not that nice, brings rain and 14 ° C, but at least no more snow is to be expected.

Edmontonians used Twitter to share their snowy views.

Did I mention we’re in sunny Edmonton? The only surprising thing is that the snow usually comes right on the long weekend in May. pic.twitter.com/iZUuxpi3Be

– C17 Council (@ C17Council) May 19, 2021

It’s May 19, 2021 snow on the ground in Edmonton, Oilers playoffs game one tonight, let’s go! #LetsGoOilers pic.twitter.com/nXAe2EQAH4

– x – Don Ellis 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧 (@Don_COi) May 19, 2021

Yes, the snow is heavy #yeg #yegwx pic.twitter.com/8g5RZhDEfe

– Trevor Robb (@TrevorRobb_) May 19, 2021

Christmas on May 18, 2021. # snow #weather #yeg #FYP #Edmonton #Alberta pic.twitter.com/JFxEAM76Ps

– Abdulhakim Dalel (@AbdulhakimDalel) May 19, 2021

Welcome to #Canada # Spring2021 at the end of May and we get #snow. I’ve said it before, I’ve seen snow every month of the year @CityofEdmonton #yeg #Edmonton. pic.twitter.com/vVsCK485ca

– Manuel (@milcar) May 19, 2021

It’s 3 ° C and this️ this morning in #Edmonton. Last night’s snow means it’s a great day to roll around and make snow dogs. It is a good thing that I lose myself in the daylight or I would never lose my winter coat. Hi from 5 ° & down to -1 tonight. I’m Kuno & this is the #Yeg #weatherdog report. pic.twitter.com/1H0GIWRuoA

– Kuno der Servicerottie🇨🇦🐕‍🦺🦽 (@servicerotties) May 19, 2021

Two days ago it was such a warm (25 ℃) and pleasant day in Edmonton, but since yesterday it has been raining and it has turned to snow. WTF ??
The summer temperature two days ago has changed from yesterday’s rain to today’s snow 😫 pic.twitter.com/0eMOxVOx8l

– TM (@AnanasTokyo) May 19, 2021

Weather update for Edmonton:

The continuous rain all day was exactly what the garden needed after five days of> 20 ° C weather.

It could have done without the 2 cm (and more) wet snow tonight.

At least it makes beautiful pictures.

(PS, yes, the tomatoes came into the house last night.) Pic.twitter.com/SMOCgbVA8j

– Amelia Bellamy-Royds (@AmeliasBrain) May 19, 2021

Say it’s not snow 😓 my cousin Natalia Wowk took this photo in Edmonton around 9pm local time… I can’t help but think… it’s starting to look like… Christmas? 🥲 #ShareYourWeather #abstorm @weathernetwork pic.twitter.com/DBaZcB2ZG5

– Marta Czurylowicz (@martaczur) May 19, 2021

Meanwhile in Edmonton … pic.twitter.com/u98HDHxzkL

– Simon-Pierre Poulin (@Simonppoulin) May 19, 2021

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