Edmonton has been named certainly one of Canada’s Greatest Cities for Younger Individuals to Work: RBC StudyBC

Out of 27 Canada’s urban areas rated for youth work ecosystem, Edmonton ranked third in the country for enabling young people to realize their professional and personal ambitions.

While Edmonton came near last in youth employment rates (24th), it scored positively on many of the other indicators that make an ideal city for young people to thrive, offsetting issues caused by the lack of good youth jobs.

According to the Urban Work Index 2021, a partnership between Youthful Cities and RBC Future Launch, Albertanian cities are in the upper half of the “Education and Training” category due to their low study costs. “Although Edmonton and Calgary rank first and second for the cost of living,” the report said, “they also have some of the highest youth unemployment rates.”

Edmonton was near the top in public health, digital access, and equity and inclusion. It also garnered high scores for the city economy.

“Cities with workplace and social inclusion efforts are attractive and encourage more diverse populations. This means that they provide a welcoming and safe environment, representative of the diversity of cultures of the people who live there, and provide public services to meet the needs of different people, ”the study says.

Edmonton ranked high for the cost of living (first place), public health (third), and equity and inclusion (third), but ranked high for the urban economy (26th), climate change (14th) and entrepreneurship (11th) it weaker.

Edmonton ranked fifth for digital access and for public transportation, Edmonton ranked twelfth for the number of users who choose the mode of transport.

Calgary and Lethbridge finished sixth and 17th overall, respectively, while Vancouver finished first. Montreal was fifth, behind Edmonton, but just ahead of Ottawa in seventh and Toronto in eighth.

For the study, which started in March 2020, 1,200 young people in the analyzed Canadian cities were hired as urban researchers to collect public data and to conduct surveys and interviews with over 3,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 29. In total, there were almost 16,000 points of data contributing to the 2021 ranking.

Canada’s Best Urban Areas for Youth in 2021 (Overall Score)

  1. Vancouver (623.66)
  2. Hamilton (541.23)
  3. Edmonton (538.96)
  4. Victoria (538.38)
  5. Montreal (532.22)
  6. Calgary (530.47)
  7. Ottawa / Gatineau (530.40)
  8. Toronto (525.91)
  9. Quebec City (503.92)
  10. Mississauga (501.05)
  11. Halifax (496.42)
  12. Kelowna (494.48)
  13. Winnipeg (486.21)
  14. Kitchener-Waterloo (485.481)
  15. Sudbury (481.03)
  16. Saskatoon (479.36)
  17. Leth Bridge (474.13)
  18. Brampton (468.84)
  19. Laval (466.55)
  20. Yellow Knife (461.87)
  21. Oshawa (460.16)
  22. Regina (458.57)
  23. Charlottetown (446.22)
  24. John (434.91)
  25. London (434.16)
  26. Moncton (411.74)
  27. Fredericton (395.27)

Indicator rankings of Canadian urban areas in the Urban Work Index 2021. Click on the image for a larger version. (Youth Cities / RBC)

2021 urban work index youthful cities rbc

Indicator rankings of Canadian urban areas in the Urban Work Index 2021. Click on the image for a larger version. (Youth Cities / RBC)

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