Edmonton has been named as one of many worst cities in Canada to sleep in

Edmontoners can lose sleep because of a lot of things: What if the Oilers don’t run a Cup this year and have to put on their winter tires soon … The list goes on.

Now Edmonton has been rated as one of the worst cities in Canada to sleep in.

Mornings, a UK mattress guide, released a new report that used Twitter data collected in June 2021 to see which cities reported the most stressful sleep.

They used a research tool called TensiStrength to create tweets that used sleep-related terms, geotag them, and then rate them on a stress scale to find the results.

In the morning

According to their report, Edmonton ranks fifth at 47.11% for the percentage of stressful tweets related to sleep.

Vancouver came first with 48.35%, followed by Toronto with 47.52%, Montreal with 47.48% and Ottawa with 47.37%.

MyHealth Alberta says that insomnia can be caused by stress, stimulants, and poor sleep habits. Her tips for getting a better night’s sleep include going to bed and waking up at the same time each day and getting regular exercise. If you suffer from insomnia, they also recommend avoiding an afternoon nap.

You can read the full report to see how people all over the world are sleeping according to their tweets.

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