Edmonton has been named among the best cities on this planet

Edmonton is one of the best cities in the world? We already knew that, but a new list from Resonance confirms this claim and places the city in the top 100 cities in the world.

In the current World’s Best Cities Report, Edmonton ranks 86th out of 100 cities in the world.

Resonance’s report ranks cities on six metrics: location, product, programming, people, wealth, and advertising.

The University of Alberta, healthy immigration, and the numerous festivals all helped get Edmonton into the top 100.

Five other Canadian cities also made the list, including Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

The best cities in the world

The recent downtown revitalization has also helped catapult Edmonton onto the list, particularly the Rogers Place Arena.

As a resource-rich region, Edmonton also has the 40th best GDP per capita in the world. The city ranked 39th in income equality and proved a must-have in the Canadian real estate market with affordable homes relative to local income.

So there you have it. Edmonton is a hell of a place to live, grow, and explore.

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