Edmonton had its first large storm of the season and it was grand (PHOTOS)

Edmonton was treated to its first big thunderstorm of the season on Wednesday night, with plenty of lightning and thunder throughout the city.

Nothing beats a nice storm to cool down your house or apartment after a warm day, and then the treat of some thunder along with the calming sound of rain? We are in!

If you were snoozing when the storm rolled through or failed to catch it, we’ve rounded up some great shots Edmontonians nabbed of the storm.

Some pretty sweet storm action this evening. Nice storm for May. Taken in Edmonton as it rolled in. #yegwx #abstorm pic.twitter.com/Sgc4nzl3kH

— Ryan Keller (@AlbertaWX) May 26, 2022

First big storm of 2022 for Edmonton!Lots of lightning but no hail to report from my location. #yeg #abstorm @PrairieChasers @weathernetwork @environmentca pic.twitter.com/0LrcT0Qt4s

— Erik Younk (@YounkShack) May 26, 2022

#yegwx #yegstorm #abstorm pic.twitter.com/WtF9DWBHX0

— z – ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅᴇʀ ᴘᴀᴛᴛᴏɴ | #GoAvsGo (@AlexanderPatton) May 26, 2022

@weathernetwork seen from South Edmonton #abstorm pic.twitter.com/8WGpw3nokG

— Cameron McKinnon (@cameronmckinnon) May 26, 2022

Oh my gosh that’s a big storm, looking west from south Edmonton #abstorm pic.twitter.com/yuc9rnOioy

— Ashley 🍃🇨🇦 (@xAshley97x) May 26, 2022

Time-lapse of the storm rolling in #abstorm #yeg #Chappelle pic.twitter.com/SepJjCz2ZP

— Storm Lover (@stormlova) May 26, 2022

Oh hey mother nature how nice of you to show up again. #abstorm taken in josephburg. pic.twitter.com/GpcxQVeBAd

— cheemo mc (@rawt3knik) May 26, 2022

Quite the light show in downtown Edmonton.#yeg #yegstorm pic.twitter.com/5FyWtiy7Q8

— David Boles (@DavidJBoles) May 26, 2022

Edmonton storm tonight wasn’t too shabby 😆 #edmonton #edmontonstorm #edmontonweather #yeg #yegweather #thunderstorm #Canada pic.twitter.com/0W3ohQPiHn

— CanadianManDan (@auger_daniel) May 26, 2022

What a storm! #YEG #YEGwx pic.twitter.com/p7V2crf1jR

— Tracey Sawatzky (@TraceySawatzky) May 26, 2022

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