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A local Edmonton company selling stretch belts found another way to give back to the community by offering school teachers a pandemic product.

Unbelts is a southern Edmonton company that specializes in stretch belts for all different bodies, but when the pandemic broke out, owner told CTV News Edmonton it needed to re-focus.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we spent a few years looking at people who might have been wearing yoga pants all day,” laughed Claire Theaker-Brown, the founder of Unbelts.

To change course with the pandemic, Theaker-Brown said they made the decision to make and distribute ethically made masks in all sizes, and they started after just four weeks.

“It was the fastest product launch we’ve ever tried,” said Theaker-Brown.

Last fall, Unbelts introduced a mask program for the school program with an attached buy-one-give-one initiative.

That year, however, Theaker-Brown told CTV News that there was a higher demand for quality masks in schools.

“This year we’ve seen a higher level of urgency and families have fewer resources and schools will no longer provide masks this year,” said Theaker-Brown.

“We thought, ‘You know what? We have masks, let’s get them out. ‘”


The school restart masks included 20,000 masks provided directly to Edmonton teachers at the start of the school year.

“It’s really important to provide masks for students,” said Chelsea Robbins of Balwin School. “It keeps them safe in the school environment where being socially distant may not be possible.”

“I think it’s very generous of you,” added Julie Dzryck, a teacher at LY Cairns School. “It’s great that you support the community.”

After the raffle is over, the company hopes to find a partner who will exhibit the rest of its masks inventory.

“Our biggest challenge is getting the community support we need to expand this fundraising program,” added Theaker-Brown.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s David Ewasuk

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