Edmonton eating places encourage pick-up orders when the restaurant closes – Edmonton

Two independent Edmonton restaurants say they feel better prepared for a second closure as Alberta’s COVID-19 public health restrictions go into effect this weekend than they did in the spring.

However, you still need support to get through the holidays.

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The highlevel diner had to make big changes when Alberta was locked down at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Back then we mostly had dinner and had to gain a foothold quickly. It was a bit of a chore to do, ”said co-owner Adam Stokyo.

He said loyal repeat customers kept the restaurant afloat by ordering pickup or dinner food, and the business got creative with its offerings.

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“We started making frozen things that you can eat and serve at home.”

At Easter, Thanksgiving and now also at Christmas, the Highlevel Diner also offers turkey food.

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The experience of the first lock builds confidence in the direction of the weekend when the food is banned.

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The high level offers pickup and delivery via SkipTheDishes, but Stoyko advises that a commission will be charged to the restaurant.

Even with an exclusive deal, SkipTheDishes takes 20 percent off the top, Stokyo said. He stated that an average order is around $ 30, so $ 6 would go to Skip.

“In the end, twenty percent is a lot. In gastronomy, we have wafer-thin margins. We’re talking about a profit margin of six percent. “

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SkipTheDishes recently announced new offers for Alberta restaurants that will go into effect with the Sunday restrictions. They include the following:

  • 25 percent commission discount for local, independent restaurants
  • 0 percent commission for new restaurants
  • 10.5 percent commission for restaurants that deliver with their own staff, but customers still order through SkipTheDishes

“Our support package includes a 25 percent discount on commissions, giving hundreds of dollars to individual local restaurants every week,” SkipTheDishes said in a statement.

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“Multiply by the thousands of independent restaurants across the province on our platform, Skip will be serving millions in Alberta over the next month.”

Stokyo said the discount is appreciated, but notes that help keep restaurants afloat also help SkipTheDishes.

“Without all of these local restaurants, these local businesses, Skip really doesn’t have a business model. If we all go under, they go under. “

Maya Paramitha, the manager of another independent restaurant, Padmanadi, agreed.

She notes that SkipTheDishes is one of the companies thriving in the pandemic.

SkipTheDishes has said since March that the number of new restaurants signing up for delivery has increased 99 percent.

Nevertheless, Paramitha appreciates the help

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“It’s very nice that you do that. You do not have to.”

Padmanadi lost more than 45 percent of its business in the initial lockdown and the pandemic has resulted in the suspension of various sources of income including weddings, birthdays, company parties and festivals.

“It had a huge impact on us,” said Paramitha.

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She said take-away and delivery services continued to be popular even when food was allowed.

“Most people eat at home. Most people choose to have takeout rather than eat in a restaurant, whether they feel more secure or it becomes a habit. “

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Padmanadi was closed Thursday prior to the province’s food service restrictions.

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“People are still doing things as if we were living in a normal world and unfortunately we have to close down to protect my employees, my family and other guests. This is the only way.”

This despite the fact that December is the restaurant’s busiest month.

“We have three buffets and we pump out so much food for people who know our buffets. We go through every single buffet with 750 people, ”explained Paramitha.

But she, too, is concerned about the commission cost of delivering SkipTheDishes versus pickup orders.

“The difference is 26.5 percent, that’s what I’m talking about,” she said.

But Padmanadi’s owners don’t think it’s feasible to have your own delivery service.

“It is difficult to find the logistics for your own delivery and I find that a lot of restaurants are in our position.”

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Paramitha hopes that despite the entryway closure, she will still be able to keep all of her employees busy by switching them to taking and packing orders.

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She encourages everyone to eat locally and shop locally this winter.

“This is where community comes together,” she says.

“Without the support, many of us won’t make it to 2021.”

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