Edmonton climate for Nov. 3: Temporary break from wind and snow

We’re back to some sunshine in the Edmonton area today.

Temperatures will remain below zero all day, but it should FEEL a lot nicer than yesterday without the gusty wind and under some sun.

Wednesday’s snowfall buried southern and eastern parts of the Edmonton metro region in 10-20 cm of snow. Much of the city got significantly less (3-8 cm).

As I wrote about yesterday, the main line of snow pushing from southwest to northeast was JUST SLIGHTLY further west than we had anticipated. So, instead of the heavier snow staying just south and east of the city, it moved through areas like Leduc, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, etc.

In those regions, the snow is definitely here to stay.

Contrast that to areas just north and west of Edmonton (like Morinville and just west of Stony Plain) that have no snow (or just a skiff) on the ground.

In those regions, the first shot of accumulating snow comes Saturday.

It looks very likely that west-central and NW Alberta will get some accumulating snow Friday night/Saturday.

For areas closer to Edmonton, we’ll probably see SOME snow. But…whether it’s flurries or several centimeters of accumulation is TBD.

Either way, it’ll be gusty with temperatures dropping through the day.

There’s only ONE day in the next two weeks that’s forecast to be above 0 C. That day comes tomorrow. Temperatures should climb 2 to 4 C above freezing for a few hours Friday afternoon.

Then…we’ll drop back to around 0 C for Saturday morning and temperatures will slide to the -5 C range by Saturday afternoon.

Beyond Saturday…there’s not much hope of getting above -8 C let alone above 0 C.

Daytime highs are forecast to be in the -10 tC or -15 C range with morning lows in the -15 C to -20 C range. AND…once that cold air settles in…it’s sticking around for a while.

There’s not much sign of warmer air returning before mid-November.

Here’s the forecast for Edmonton and area:

Today – A few clouds & fog patches this morning. Sunny this afternoon.

High: -3

Tonight – Increasing cloud overnight.

9pm: -6

Temperature holding steady overnight.

Friday – Mix of sun & cloud.

Morning Low: -5

Afternoon High: 3

Saturday – Cloudy. 70% chance of snow.

Wind: NW 20-30 with gusts to around 50 km/h.

Temperature falling throughout the day.

AM: -2

Afternoon: -5

Daylight Saving Time ends – Clocks go back one hour

Sunday – Mix of sun & cloud.

Morning Low: -13

Afternoon High: -12

Monday – mostly cloudy. 60% chance of snow.

Morning Low: -15

Afternoon High: -14

Tuesday – mostly cloudy. 30% chance of corridors.

Morning Low: -15

Afternoon High: -12

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