Edmonton Climate for February ninth: Midway by the freezer

EDMONTON – If you think of last Friday as the start of that cold spell, we’re halfway there.

Four days later and another four days. AND … that doesn’t mean we’ll be WARM this weekend.

But we will see some milder temperatures from the west and we should “finally” get back over -20.

Until then … the daily highs will peak in the mid-20s and the mornings will steadily slide into the 30s.

So no significant change in the temperature profile.

BUT … we will expect a change in sky conditions with some clouds in the next few days.

Wind will also play a bigger role and that means dangerously cold wind chills.

Wind speeds of 10-20 km / h will definitely be noticeable and will feel about 10 degrees colder than the thermometer temperature.

That makes for wind showers in the mornings in the -40s, which means that frostbite on exposed skin is possible in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Afternoon wind chill in the -30s can cause frostbite after 10 to 30 minutes of exposure.

Long Range – back to highs in the minus tenner range by the weekend and then closer to -10 for highs from the beginning to the middle of next week.

Possibly even back in the range of zero to -5 by the end of next week.

Here is the forecast for Edmonton:

Today – Partly cloudy. Wind NW 10-20 km / h (occasionally in gusts up to 30)

Wind chill in the -40s this morning and -30s this afternoon.

High: -24

Tonight – cloudy times. Wind NW 10-20

Wind chill in the -35 to -40 range.

9 p.m .: -28

Wednesday – mix of sun & clouds. Wind NW 10-20 km / h

Wind chill in -40s in the morning & -30s in the afternoon.

Morning low: -32

Afternoon high: -26

Thursday – mix of sun & clouds.

Morning low: -32

Afternoon high: -25

Friday – mix of sun & clouds.

Morning low: -28

Afternoon high: -20

Saturday – Mostly sunny.

Morning low: -30

Afternoon high: -19

Sunday – Mostly sunny.

Morning low: -26

Afternoon high: -16

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