Edmonton canine given one final snow day and we’re tearing up

An Edmonton dog was granted a wish to enjoy some snow one last time, with North America’s largest mall stepping in to help out.

West Edmonton Mall helped out 11-year-old Jager, allowing him to enjoy the fluffy stuff one last time at the Ice Palace.

To make the event even grander, a red carpet experience was given, complete with lots of treats and love.

“Jager left with a smile on his face, approved every toy and snacked on the treats,” Jager’s owner, Myrrhone Toffan, wrote on the post.

‘You helped an old guy feel and see his favorite snow. In turn this has helped me beyond measure.”

The warm moment has captured the hearts of many Edmontonians.

“The only hard part of having and loving a dog. You just can’t have enough time with them,” wrote Dianne Que.

“This is beautiful. Heartbreaking but so lovely. I’m so sorry you’re going through this,” said Lisa Chambers.

With that big smile on Jager’s face, we are happy he got to have a good old-fashioned snow day one last time, too.

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