Downtown Edmonton is getting a model new park

It’s your city, so you might as well have a say in how it looks! This week, the city unveiled plans for a brand new park coming to the downtown core, and they want your opinion on it. Warehouse Park is a new and ‘signature’ public park in the works for Edmonton, and designs are currently being laid out.

First, a little bit of back story. Located around 106 Street and Jasper Avenue, the park will cover some 1.47 hectares (just over 2 football fields) of space. Ironically, the whole ‘paved paradise’ adage is working in reverse here, as the park is set to replace existing parking lots.

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Warehouse Park: Designing an urban oasis in downtown Edmonton, new on #TransformingEdmonton #yegDT #VibrantYegDT#yeg

— City of Edmonton (@CityofEdmonton) May 3, 2022

And since the planning stage is really only just beginning, you’ve got a pretty great opportunity to give your opinion. Basically, the city wants to know if people are more down for a ‘formal’ or ‘natural’ approach. In practice, that means decisions like how pathways should look, where trees should be planted, what the terrain should look like, etc…

The survey for the design of Warehouse Park in Edmonton is currently up on the city’s website, and will be until May 22nd. After that, the actual design work begins in earnest, before construction starts in 2024. Fingers crossed, but the new park should be officially open by 2025.

Well, we’ve got a ways to go, but we’ll keep you in the loop about it!

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