Data on COVID-19 on the Edmonton Establishment

EDMONTON, AB, May 8, 2021 / CNW / – Correctional Service Canada (CSC) announced that an inmate and two staff members recently tested positive for COVID-19 at the Edmonton Institution in, Edmonton, Alberta. We are closely monitoring the situation and have taken steps to minimize the spread of the virus within the facility.

The contact tracing has been completed and tests for COVID-19 are offered to all inmates and all employees of the institution. CSC is currently using rapid tests to identify positive cases more quickly and take appropriate action accordingly. Detainee test numbers are updated daily Monday through Friday and are available on our website. The number of active cases currently reported for this institution may change as more tests are performed and laboratory-confirmed results become available.

This is an evolving situation and we continue to apply infection prevention and control measures to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 and adapt based on public health recommendations. We continue to actively screen everyone entering the facility and decisions about website access, programs and services are made in consultation with health authorities. All employees and inmates are equipped with medical masks, and we have stepped up cleaning and disinfection throughout the site. In addition, all employees are equipped with face shields.

We are committed to reducing the risks of COVID-19 in all of our operations and protecting inmates, our employees and the public. We continue to work with the public health agency of Canada (PHAC), local public health, and trade unions and stakeholders to take any further steps necessary to ensure the safety of all.

Fast facts

  • Edmonton Institution is a high security facility for men located near the northeastern border of the city city Edmonton.
  • The nominal capacity of the Edmonton Institution is 324 inmates.
  • If employees show symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, they are required to contact the local health authority and self-isolate at home until they are allowed to return to work.
  • Due to the fact that family visits are temporarily suspended at the Edmonton Institution, inmates have other options available to connect with their families and support networks such as video visits or the telephone.
  • Edmonton Institution staff and inmates were given the opportunity to be vaccinated at the institution. To date, 145 inmates and 199 employees and contractors have been vaccinated. For more information on vaccines administered to federal prisoners, please visit our website.
  • CSC provides its inmates with in-house health care and has dedicated health workers in its facilities, including nurses and doctors, who closely monitor inmates’ health. CSC is also equipped to conduct its own tests and works closely with its public health partners

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SOURCE Correctional Services in the Canadian Prairie Region

For more information: Media Relations, Prairie Region, Correctional Service Canada, [email protected]

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