CTV Information Edmonton and Calgary Battle of Alberta playoff wager

With the Edmonton Oilers eliminating the Calgary Flames in the Battle of Alberta, CTV News Edmonton and Calgary 6 pm anchors stayed true to their friendly bet.

When the Battle of Alberta first began, the anchors agreed to the friendly wager as they watched the second-round series.

“What do you think Tara Nelson, should we get a fun little wager going on who takes the series,” asked CTV News Edmonton 6 pm anchor Erin Isfeld.

The pair agreed that the anchor from the city who lost the series would have to wear a jersey of the opposing city and make a donation to that city’s food bank.

On Friday afternoon, CTV News Calgary 6 pm anchor Tara Nelson posted a photo to Twitter as she wore to Edmonton Oilers jersey and said she would happily make a donation to the Edmonton Food Bank.

“Congratulations to Erin Isfeld and the Edmonton Oilers,” Nelson said. “Quite a series!”

“You are a great sport Tara Nelson,” Isfeld replied. “The Battle of Alberta was so fun to be part of in our own little way!

“The orange and blue of the Edmonton Oilers looks good on you!”

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