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The most recent ANTI-WESTERN policies, among other liberticidal policies, are designed from the UN, as for example, the famous agenda 2030. Whose symbol or emblem is a multicolored circle and that in the form of a pin we can see on the lapel of many politicians and various personalities.

In this agenda, the objectives of globalism are overlapped: the destruction of traditions, multiculturalism, animalism, climate change, gender ideology and citizen disarmament. Something that the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs of the United Nations herself, Izumi Nakamitsu, publicly acknowledges. 

Financiers of Western Degradation

Thirty percent of the UN rapporteurs are financed by two foundations, the Open Society and the Ford Foundation, belonging to the “philanthropist” magnate George Soros. Obviously the funding serves to “guide the action, frame it or control it” as the rapporteurs themselves acknowledge. In such a way that these reports end up being studies directed from these two institutions.

We should know that a rapporteur is a private researcher who submits a report to a UN deliberative body at its request. His work is not remunerated by the UN, but this rapporteur is allowed to seek external funding to carry out his work. It is obvious that the aforementioned UN body will be conditioned in its decisions by him.

The reports of these international organizations have become the master key that justifies any policy, prohibition or imposition, no matter how stupid or senseless it may be. We are not only referring to those mentioned by the UN, but it is a strategy that extends to other supranational and national organizations. 

Fake Democracy

Another of the strategies of globalism is not to give representation to organizations contrary to its roadmap, but to those that are in line with its objectives. A total contradiction within their conception of “democracy”. They allow the entrance to forums or conferences to panelists belonging to PETA, Greenpeace, Human Right Watch, etc. but not to organizations that fight every day for the preservation of a free and healthy society such as parents’ associations, pro-life organizations, associations of hunters and gun owners, among others. 

The globalist policies reflected in the 2030 agenda are explicitly and implicitly ANTI-WESTERN. All governments that have adopted this agenda are therefore against weapons in the hands of civilians and consequently, against the activities carried out with them, including hunting and self-defense.

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