Big amethyst stole from Edmonton jewellery retailer

Police are on the lookout for a pair of robbers after a hundred-pound amethyst was stolen from an Edmonton jewelry store.

“Two people came in, one person took me to the back of the store, and as I was walking to the back of the store, the other person just lifted the geode up, took it outside and threw it in the back of his car , and took off,” Lee Konidas, owner of Silver Anvil Rock and Gem, told CTV News Edmonton.

The amethyst is two feet tall by two feet wide.

“That’s why we put it at the front of the store. It’s so heavy. It took two of us to lift it to put it in place, but this guy got it out of the store. And quickly. It happened in about 10, 15 minutes I would think.”

An amethyst geode weighing 100 pounds was stolen from Silver Anvil Rock and Gem in Edmonton. (Credit: Silver Anvil Rock and Gem)

He doesn’t believe the robbery was planned.

“Just opportunity. They saw the price tag, and said this is an easy thing, I’m going to take it and try and sell it.”

Konidas says the geode, which came from Uruguay, is valued at about $7,500, but he thinks the thieves will have a hard time finding a buyer.

“The police called it a pink elephant. Trying to sell a pink elephant. Who are you going to sell it to? It’s unique.”

CTV News Edmonton reached out to the Edmonton Police Service for more information about the robbery.

EPS would only confirm it’s an active investigation.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s David Ewasuk.

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