Banh Mi Day: New Vietnamese sandwich store opens in Edmonton

Banh Mi Day, a new Vietnamese sandwich shop, just opened in Edmonton.

Specializing in these tasty sandwiches, small bites, and pho noodle soup, this is a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant serving authentic recipes in YEG.

Small bites include classic and modern items like pork spring rolls, chicken salad rolls, green onion pan cakes, and peach shrimp, to name a few.

There are Vietnamese entrees like sate and lemongrass chicken bowls, but the pho and Banh Mi are the stars on the menu.

There are six different Banh Mi sandwiches, like the OG Cold Cut, BBQ pulled pork, grilled chicken, and five spices pork belly. All of these sandwiches are topped with house-made egg mayo, cucumber, pickled daikon, and carrots.

Five different pho options make deciding on what to order difficult, especially with types like the spicy coconut seafood pho.

Order any of these tasty dishes as is, or as a combo with sides like won ton soup and specialty drinks, like Vietnamese coffee and bubble tea. Don’t forget to order one (or a few) of the eight sauces, like peanut and hoisin.

This mom-and-pop shop has a fun menu, fresh branding, and exciting dishes of classics we know and love with interesting new ways to make them.

Banh Mi Day is now open for lunch, and dinner, and available to go, so try out this new spot next time you’re craving Vietnamese food.

Banh Mi Day

Address: 11765 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


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