Backyard Bakery opens new location in Edmonton

Garden Bakery, a long-standing Edmonton bakery, has just opened a second location.

The first bakery, located inside West Edmonton Mall, opened more than 25 years ago. This second location is in South Edmonton Common at 1731 102nd Street.

Specializing in cakes, sweets, pastries, and more, this adorable sweet shop has everything from cupcakes to wedding cakes. It really is the extravagantly decorated cakes here that have made it such a popular spot.

Many of these custom cakes include beautiful recreations, like a Luis Vuitton handbag, an erupting volcano, a scene from your favorite movie, an intricate slot machine, and so much more. There are also skillfully baked cakes, pastries, and cupcakes that have a more classic look to them with the same great taste.

Some of the standard, non-custom cakes you can get here include chocolate buttercream, mango mousse, and black forest, among others.

It’s not all baked sweets either. There are a number of tasty baked savory items at Garden Bakery, like BBQ pork puffs, curry beef puffs, brisket on rice, and even a wonton soup.

Try this new bakery out by bringing your wildest idea in to see the team here bring it to life in the sweetest way possible.

Garden Bakery

Address: South Edmonton Common — 1731 102nd Street, Edmonton


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