Ascension Cemetery

Ascension Cemetery

American Headstones is pleased to be your choice for your loved one’s grave marker at Ascension Cemetery in Los Angeles. If you’re exploring budget-friendly options, we would be pleased to answer your questions and help you select a headstone or marker eligible for placement at Ascension Cemetery. it’s important to take note that most memorial parks have their own rules and regulations as to what type of material can be used for a marker, as well as size and shape restrictions; however, working with one of our experts, we can make it easy for you to custom order a marker that will satisfy the cemetery’s requirements and exceed your expectations, as well.

5 Reasons to Choose Us For Headstones in Ascension Cemetery

1. We work with many memorial parks around LA, so we are thoroughly familiar with the type of grave marker you will be allowed to place at your loved one’s grave site. If you choose the wrong headstone company, you could be stuck with an expensive marker that you’re unable to place in Ascension Cemetery; in such an event, you would be out a lot of money. Trust us to recommend a granite or bronze marker satisfying all of Ascension Cemetery’s grave marker rules.

2. At American Headstones, we’re known for the beautiful custom work we do on grave markers. Feel free to browse our website for granite and bronze colors and designs available from our company and reach out to us at 949-228-7055 to speak with us in-person. We know that with so many options available, it can be difficult choosing a headstone; we can assist you in selecting the perfect marker.

3. Our custom headstones are affordable- we can work with your budget to ensure you are able to afford a tasteful grave marker that memorializes your loved one. Contact Josh Rapozo about headstones at Ascension Cemetery and let him know what you can afford to spend on a marker.

4. Choose from many different headstone styles:

  • Flat
  • Upright
  • Slant
  • Custom
  • Memorial benches

You probably already have something in mind long before you contact us about creating a headstone. We can work with your ideas and ensure that your concept is etched in stone. Browse all of our granite & bronze designs online and let us know if something on our site interests you. We can create a custom design based on your family’s wishes, as well.

5. We have a fast turnaround at American Headstones, so you won’t be left waiting for months for us to complete your custom project. Instead of placing your project on the back burner like so many other companies, we’ll inform you of the projected timeline and keep you well informed throughout.

Contact American headstones for the very best granite & bronze headstones and memorial markers; reach us at 949-228-7055 or communicate with our team through the website contact form. Explore every option and choose us for quality workmanship on high-quality materials designed to last forever.

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