An Edmonton trainer was killed by a flying semi-trailer wheel

On the morning of October 28, a fatal accident occurred along Lessard Road. The police have now confirmed that the victim is the 36-year-old Edmonton teacher Meghan Weis.

The police report detailed the accident and stated that “an eight-wheel converter car detached itself from the tractor unit and hit the driver’s side of the van”. Basically, the trailer’s wheel and axle collided with the victim’s vehicle.

According to CTV News, Weis taught French language immersion in grades 5 and 6 at Our Lady of the Prairies.

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It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that we confirm that the staff and students of the Catholic School Our Lady of the Prairies lost a member of our school family in a tragic accident this morning

Our Lady of the Prairies, a letter to parents

The letter went on to say that she had a big smile that matched her huge heart.

“This is a time of great grief for all of us. We unite in our grief and prayers for the Weis family while expressing our deepest compassion,” it said.

A similar accident occurred earlier this week when a truck was crushed by a flywheel in the same area of ​​Edmonton.

Police say they are investigating and bringing charges against the truck driver.

“This is Edmonton’s eleventh road death in 2020,” the press release said.

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