An Edmonton spot takes prime place for Greatest Restrooms in Canada

The voting has closed, and a spot in Edmonton took the top spot in the contest for the Best Restrooms in Canada! For those keeping count at home, that’s two years running that the Albertan city got the nod!

Year after year for over a decade, tourists, locals, and businesses alike work together to compile a short inventory of the most outrageous. well kept, expertly decorated, and unique washrooms in the entire country – with one rising above.

This year, 5 finalists were announced with porcelain palaces in Toronto, Ontario, and Richmond BC competing against 3 Alberta heavyweights in Niton Junction, Edmonton, and Black Diamond.

And, the winner this go-around was Majesty and Friends, a boutique/variety store in Edmonton! The ice cream focused design, honestly, has us thinking of that one children’s book we used to read called Popsicle Pony. Weird connection, we know.


Where: 12024 107 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Curious about the spots it beat out? We’ve got those too!


Photo via Cinta’s Best Restrooms

Gas station bathrooms have a bad rep, but here – the stalls are clean, the decor is trendy and everything is well stocked. Not bad Petro. Not bad at all!

Where: 4912 50 Avenue, Niton Junction


Is there anything more charming than animals doing human things? No – no there’s not, which is why Alberta’s Rollick Co. is deserving of your vote. With a mural that depicts fish and frogs riding bikes and enjoying the sun, this bathroom has the power to take anyone’s day from bad to “forget what kind of mood I’m in – I need to show pictures of this bathroom to everyone.

Where: 114 Government Rd Unit 103, Black Diamond


Photo via Cinta’s Best Restrooms

Located in the African Rainforest exhibit, this themed washroom has gorilla privacy screens, a ceiling of leafy greens, and animal print detailing. How funky!

Where: 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto


Lastly, we’ve got the spiciest washroom on the list. While it may not be the best place to reapply a full face of makeup this alternatively-lit bathroom brings the drama – and we love it. Talk about an Insta-opportunity!

Where: 8499 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond, BC

There you have it- this year’s contenders, and the winner, for the Best Restrooms in Canada! Can’t wait for next year!

Curiocity Staff

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