AMA tow truck wait instances skyrocket Tuesday in Edmonton

Anyone in Edmonton needing a tow truck Tuesday was in for a bit of a wait.

As of 4 pm, the Alberta Motor Association’s (AMA) wait time for a tow in the city was 69 hours and battery boosts, lockouts and flat tires were being serviced in 25 hours.

Brandon Klassen, with automotive services at AMA, said the cold, snowy weather and poor driving conditions have caused a spike in calls for roadside assistance, with volumes at seven times the normal amount.

“It’s all hands on deck, we’ve phoned in every operator we can,” he said.

AMA expects the high volume of calls to stay around as long as the extreme cold, and encourages drivers to be prepared by dressing warm, making sure your phone is charged and keeping your gas tank half full.

“The wait times can get extreme, however we are prioritizing calls,” Klassen said. “So if you’re broken down on the side of the road or in an emergency situation, we do prioritize those calls and try to get to you as quick as we can.”

Plugging your vehicle in three to four hours before driving helps the engine turnover in the cold, and it’s an important step when the temperatures drop, Klassen said.

If you do break down it’s important to get as far away from traffic as possible and call for help right away.

“With the wait times right now it’s recommended to see if someone can come and pick you up,” he said.

For drivers still on the road, Klassen asked that motorists remember to slow down and move over when they see a service vehicle with flashing lights.

“Give these guys room to work to make sure they can get home safe as well.”

Updated wait times can be found on the AMA website.

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