After the forklift broke down, Edmonton’s Meals Financial institution now has 2 because of a fundraiser and a big donation

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Food Bank was able to replace its broken forklift and purchase a second through a community fundraiser and donation from a local business.

In March, the grocery bank launched a month-long fundraiser to replace a broken forklift, and the Edmontoners raised $ 25,000 in five days.

“We were really surprised that people were so committed and understood our need for this equipment,” said Marjorie Bencz, director of Edmonton’s Food Bank.

Equipment dealer Leavitt Machinery offered the forklifts to Blackboard in one purchase to get a deal. The money the Edmontonians raised bought the first, and the company provided the second free of charge.

Leavitt Machinery also made a cash donation of $ 30,000 to the panel.

Bencz says the equipment will serve not only the organization now but also in an uncertain future after the pandemic.

“We don’t know where we are going in terms of the number of people who will need our services or the amount of food we will need, but we will certainly need the warehouse, our great volunteers and the equipment to do it . ” Work we have to do, “said Bencz.

The Edmonton food bank is well on its way to moving around five million kilograms of food this year.

“Without this equipment, you can imagine how much work it would take to move food,” says Bencz.

The Edmonton Food Bank currently feeds more than 21,000 people a month.

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