A secret again alley rooster & waffles resto simply reopened in Edmonton

Cancel your dinner plans Edmonton because back alley resto ‘Waffle Bird’ is back in action with some new digs and an updated menu!

Located on 101st street behind Taste of Lebanon, Waffle Bird serves chicken, sandwiches, breakfast and a selection of unique sides like ‘Skrat fries’ and lemongrass slaw.

While they’ve been in and out of operation since May of last year, it’s actually been months since they’ve offered their signature item to the public, but they’ve been revived!

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Owned and operated by Chef Adam Stoyko, part-owner of the popular Highlevel Diner, and Jonathan Comeau the owner of Woahnuts, the waffle-donut hybrid spot, this colorful eatery is just as unique as the mural painted on their entryway.

With a selection of toppings like pickles, sweet chilli sauce, eggs, bacon jam and brie, hungry Edmontonians will finally be able to pop by for a plateful Tuesdays to Thursdays 8 pm to 8, Fridays 8 pm to 9 pm and Sundays 9 pm to 8 p.m.

In addition to this, customers will also be able to pick up a box of Woahnuts, which will now run outside of the Waffle Bird brick and mortar – so come hungry!

The future is looking really tasty!


When: Tuesdays – Sundays
Where: 8116 101 St. NW, Edmonton
Instagram: @wafflebirdyeg

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