A model new spot for ice cream is opening in Edmonton & here is when

We might just have to revisit our ice cream guide for the city! A brand new spot, Twice Cream, which naturally makes ice cream, will open in Edmonton this week. Here’s what to know about it!

Originally putting out a teaser in May, the spot has been sharing delicious sneak peeks of what it’s bringing. The specialty here? Bold and ‘worldly’ flavours, ranging from the classics (Maple Butter Salted Walnut) to the refined (Dark Cherry Lemon Curd). And, they’re not shying away from vegan options either!

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Twice Cream will be located at 10983 127th Street, with the added bonus of facing Westmount Park! Grab a scoop here, then go relax under the shade of a tree or something with your pals. Sounds like the perfect summer treat, no?

As for the timeline, the shop will be officially opening its doors starting on Saturday, July 9th. And with some great weather in the forecast, we don’t think they could have picked a better day to do it! Make sure to go check them out…we know we will!

Twice Cream

When: Opens Saturday, July 9th
Where: 10983 127th St

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