A Candy House Trade: House bakers proliferate on social media Omaha Dines

She mainly makes gourmet cakes with lots of rich ingredients. She’s never taken a decorating class, so she doesn’t write about cakes or do anything with a kid theme.

Her favorite cakes include the Bush favorite – just carrots and coconut, no raisins or pineapple – and a creme brulee cake.

She is mainly self-taught.

A unicorn cake from Jodi Jefferson and Busy Bee Baking Company.


“Mom and Grandma taught me in cooking school,” said Jefferson, who grew up in Hampton, Nebraska.

She gets a lot of her ideas from Pinterest, although she sometimes has to modify them.

“When I look at the recipes (I realize) there is no way this cake is what is in the picture,” she said.

Jefferson makes between 12 and 15 cakes every week. She bakes at the beginning of the week, freezes everything and then frosts everyone on the day it runs out.

This week she’s in the middle of the annual Thanksgiving bake-off she’s doing with her mom. Proceeds will go to families vacationing at the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House near the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Her goal is $ 5,000 and she had $ 4,100 as of the middle of the week. Every penny will go to the families, she said.

Cottage Baking suits her because it’s flexible enough that she can go on field trips or class parties with her children as soon as those things happen again. She missed her when she flew for the military.

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