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The next changes should begin on August 16th. As of this date, “Isolation will no longer be general and legal requirements if you test positive for COVID-19, although it may be required in some high-risk situations.” however, it is still recommended in all settings, “Hinshaw said.

Other changes include the end of the provincial mask requirement for transit, taxis and carpooling, as well as the removal of the requirement to have a test carried out in the event of mild symptoms.

In a letter from Dr. Hinshaw on Aug. 4, the health official noted that some Albertans reacted to the changes with “confusion, fear or anger” and that “I said people got the message that I believe COVID was over, and so did people be left alone. ”

Update on COVID-19 – July 28, 2021 www.youtube.com

Dr. Hinshaw’s answer

Hinshaw’s letter reads, “That was not my intended message, so I would like to share some of the reasons for the changes and why I believe this approach will benefit the overall health of Albertans.”

She stated that Alberta’s COVID-19 response had “unintended consequences” and that she needs to focus not just on COVID-19 but on all threats to the health of Albertans. She noted syphilis and opioid deaths as other things the province needs to focus on.

“As vaccination coverage has changed the nature of provincial COVID-19 risk, I think it is time to move from provincial exceptional measures to more targeted and local measures,” she wrote.

Hinshaw said testing every person with symptoms is unsustainable, nor is it mandatory that everyone stay home if they have symptoms.

Regarding the need to isolate yourself if you test positive for COVID-19, Hinshaw said, “I know the vast majority of Albertans do not knowingly want to harm others, staying home is the way to protect others , and it is the right thing, will be enough for them to take this action. “

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