7 issues to do in Edmonton this summer time

The days are longer, trees have finally turned green and flowers are in bloom, offering Canadians something other than white tundra when they go outside. The long winter is finally over and temperatures are soaring across the country.

This is the time of year when Canadians can start exercising outdoors, picnicking, or going to the beach for some fun in the sun. Although the restrictions will do a little differently this year, there is still plenty to do in Edmonton to brave the heat.

Pepsi® launches the Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff competition, offering Canadians the chance to experience the best summer ever by winning some epic prizes – including bikes, paddleboards, and barbecue grills – and the chance to win $ 10,000 weekly win!

Whether you’re relaxing in the sand or hitting the trails with a Pepsi-Cola in hand, you can end up winning some great prizes to add to your summer fun.

Move outdoors

Why You Must: Canadians love to keep active, and now that the summer months have come, it’s time to move outside. Whether you’re running, walking, doing yoga, or doing a full HIIT workout, there are outdoor fitness parks all over Edmonton for soaking up the sun and getting active at the same time.

You can visit a fitness park with free equipment or explore one of the beautiful trails like the Mill Creek Ravine if that’s more your speed. These parks are also the perfect place to hit the trails on brand new bikes if you’re lucky enough to win a bike in Pepsi’s Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff competition.

Check out local art

Why You Must: There are some incredible pieces of art all over the city of Edmonton that are sure to be enjoyed with friends or family this summer. Get a refreshing drink and wander at your own pace, soaking up Edmonton’s local creative culture as you admire some beautiful works of art.

Start the summer with a BBQ

Why You Must Do It: What’s Summer Without A BBQ There’s something so perfect about a warm summer day with meat or vegetables sizzling on the grill. It just makes sense. How about an epic barbecue for your household at the start of the summer season? Grill all the essentials – burgers, hot dogs, steaks, tofu or whatever you want – and conjure up some delicious side dishes to share.

And if you’re trying to figure out what to drink, you should be sipping on something like a refreshing Pepsi and you could win a new barbecue grill thanks to the Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff competition.

Connect with nature on a hike

Why You Need to Go: Summer is the ultimate time to reconnect with nature. Feeling the breeze in your hair, smelling the flowers, and hearing the sounds of wild animals is an ideal way to ground yourself and rethink your mind.

Edmonton has many natural beauties to discover and a walking tour is a great way to do it. The North Saskatchewan River Loop Trail is a local favorite that is great for the whole family. Or if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, the Mactaggart Sanctuary Path will make you forget you are in town.

Go out of town staring at the stars

Why you need to go: Warm summer nights are perfect for gazing at the stars and enjoying the vastness of the universe with your significant other or a few socially distant friends

Elk Island National Park is about half an hour east of Edmonton, and with little light pollution, you can enjoy the twinkle of the night sky without interruptions. There are also over 200 species of birds in Elk Island National Park, as well as bison and elk when it’s still light.

Go out on a patio and support your local businesses

Drew Beamer | Unsplash

Why you need to do it: There is nothing like sitting on a terrace and enjoying a nice cold, refreshing drink and some tasty starters.

Now that it’s safe to hit the Edmonton Terraces again this summer, it’s probably high on every local’s to-do list. With some incredible options to try like Rocky Mountain Ice House, Tzin Wine & Tapas, and The Glass Monkey.

Go to the beach for some fun in the sun

Why you need to: Grab a beach towel, some tasty snacks, SPF, a hat, and a backpack – you can even win one courtesy of Pepsi – and you’re ready for a great day at the beach to soak up some sun and relax by the water.

Edmonton has many beaches for local residents to choose from, including Accidental Beach and Terwillegar Park. If you’re ready to drive a little out of town, Pigeon Lake and Alberta Beach are also fantastic options.

Whether you’re staring at the stars with a loved one, or enjoying a refreshing drink on the patio, or walking the trails, there is plenty to do in Edmonton this summer to make the most of the heat.

Pepsi is here to make the sunny season the best with the Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff competition. There are thousands of instant summer prizes including t-shirts, hats, grills, bikes, and more, and there’s even a chance to win $ 10,000 weekly. Be on the lookout for specially marked Pepsi products with codes on the box to win this summer.

To learn more about the Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff, visit the contest website or check out Pepsi’s Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook pages.

Before you get started, read our responsible travel guide so that you can be informed, safe, smart, and most importantly, respectful on your adventure.

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