5 spicy spots to purchase the perfect scorching sauce in Edmonton

Looking for the best hot sauce in Edmonton?

With the recent Sriracha shortage, it’s fair that you may be desperate to find your next favorite hot sauce. You might also need to know the best places to buy it.

We’ve made a list of spicy spots that have a great selection of bottles of hot sauces.

These are some places to buy the best hot sauce in Edmonton.

Paraiso Tropical—Latin Market North

This Latin American store has been operating in Edmonton for over 30 years.

From different kinds of Valentina’s hot sauce to kinds you’ve probably never heard of, there are tons of sauces to try.

Address: 9136 118th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Pepper Palace

A place with a name like Pepper Palace is going to have a spicy selection.

This spot calls itself the “planet’s #1 hot shop” and you’ll be able to find all kinds of small-batch, hand-crafted, and all-natural hot sauces.

Address: 1 Outlet Collection Way Unit 402 – Edmonton International Airport


Get sauced

You can find all kinds of sauces here, from BBQ to glazes, but this spot also makes some incredible hot sauces.

Try the diablo or jalapeno hot sauce, and if you’re extremely brave, go for the reaper flavor.

Address: 9620 58th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Spice Centre

This Indian grocery store carries some seriously spicy hot sauce bottles.

This is a specialty grocery store with imported items, so expect to discover some brands you’ve never seen before, like Matouk’s Soca Hot Sauce.

Address: 9280 34th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Northern Chicken

This brand is known for its spicy and screaming hot flavors and a fan favorite — mustard fried chicken.

It also happens to make, bottle, and sell its own hot sauce. Flavors can change, so pop in and try it for yourself. Try it on one of the sandwiches and if you love it, bring it home with you.

Address: 10704 124th Street, Edmonton


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