15 locations in Edmonton you should go to when you love sizzling chocolate

Do you know what’s better than eating chocolate? Drink it. Hot chocolate is the deliciously rich drink that immediately brings joy and warmth on a cold day – especially because it is just so delicious!

So if you fancy some liquid drinking pleasure, Make your way to these Edmonton locations to enjoy some of the best hot chocolates the city has to offer.

Note: The list is in no particular order (just all of the places that make amazing hot chocolate) and some photos don’t show their hot chocolate – they show the place / branding.

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Block 1912 // 10361 82 Ave NW

Um, YES. Their hot ganache chocolate is the perfect level of decadence. It will make you forget how cold and miserable it feels outside. So good.

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Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut // 10103 124 St NW

Your delicious pralines translate well into its beverage form. It is wickedly good!

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Transcend Coffee // 10359B 104 St (multiple locations)

It’s basically like drinking a high quality chocolate bar that has been melted down. You won’t regret this hot chocolate (unless you don’t like chocolate – but why are you reading this then?)

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Caffè Sorrentino // 10665 109 St NW (several locations)

SOOOO DELICIOUS! So creamy! Their Italian hot chocolate is phenomenal and you must try it (if you haven’t already).

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Wild Earth Bakery & Café // 8902 99 St NW (multiple locations)

Your cravings for hot chocolate will be satisfied here. Be sure to pair it with one of their delicious baked goods!

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Remedy Café // 10279 Jasper Ave (multiple locations)

They may be known for their chai, but their hot chocolate is absolutely wonderful too!

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Bru coffee + beer house // 11965 Jasper Ave

This is excellent hot chocolate that isn’t too sweet! It’s full of chocolaty flavor so you won’t be disappointed with it. An absolute must.

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Cha Island Cafe & Lounge // 10332 81 Ave NW

Do you know what goes really well with the waffles here? Your hot chocolate (you sure didn’t see it coming). But seriously. Try it yourself. You’ll see!

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Reinette Café & Pastry Shop // 301 Woodvale Rd W

Along with all of their amazing baked goods, You can enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate. So yummy?

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Mandolin Books & Coffee Company // 6419 112 Ave NW

This cafe doubles as a used bookstore and is truly a gem in town. And considering they are included in this post, you can be sure that their hot chocolate is awesome. You guessed correctly. It is.

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Zocalo // 10826 95 pcs

Zocalo is one of the coolest places in town. I highly recommend you pay this place a visit! It’s a flower shop that also has a cafe. Your hot chocolate is divine and can be enjoyed in the midst of the most beautiful plants and flowers.

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Sweet Lollapalooza // 10155 – 102 Street (Lower Level – Trading Place)

This is literally every chocolate lover’s dream. If they don’t currently make this drink on-site, you can purchase their “Haute Chocolate” blend. And you are also welcome to buy your delicious pralines with your chocolaty drink! Because you really can’t have too much chocolate (my doctor may disagree, but my taste buds are for it).

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Duchess Bakery // 10718 124 St NW

Duchess Bake Shop doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong. And their hot chocolate is further proof of why this place is so great! You have to try


From Capo Caffe // 8135 102 St NW # 104

The only problem you’re going to have here is deciding if to get the Dutch hot chocolate or the Italian hot chocolate. I would go for both. But seriously. Your hot chocolate won’t disappoint.

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The Woodrack Cafe // 7603 109 St NW # 101

Your hot chocolate is so good. Especially in combination with a whoopie pie or one of their delicious cookies. You have to try it yourself.

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