13 corporations hiring a whole bunch of jobs in Edmonton this December

There is a multitude of job openings in town this December, and we’ve compiled a list of 13 jobs that currently fill hundreds of jobs in Edmonton.

So dust off your resume and apply for some of these jobs.


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  • WHO: Lululemon is a sportswear retailer approaching 500 stores around the world.
  • Workplaces: It is hiring at the West Edmonton Mall location.
  • Benefits: Lululemon says it’s committed to work-life balance, and its positions include expanded health plans, paid time off, employee discounts, and fitness plans.
  • More: Find out more on their website.

Alberta Health Services

  • WHO: This centralized agency is the healthcare provider for the entire province of Alberta.
  • Workplaces: There are hundreds of jobs available for qualified individuals to work as nurses, health technicians, and more. Browse through their careers page and find the right position for you.
  • Benefits: AHS is an award-winning employer who says they value diversity, inclusion and support their employees.
  • More: Check out the AHS’s Careers page.

Alberta Motor Association

  • WHO: This organization works for all drivers in the province of Alberta.
  • Workplaces: There are currently more than 80 positions in Edmonton including marketing and communications positions, service vehicle operator and insurance advisor.
  • Benefits: The AMA says its employees treat themselves as friends and family, and benefits include paid vacation, sick leave, volunteer days, and floater days. It offers health benefits, a fully employer-paid retirement plan, and personal development programs.
  • More: See which positions are open on their website.


Amazon Quebec

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  • WHO: Amazon is a multinational conglomerate focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence
  • Workplaces: It is hiring six positions in various locations across Edmonton, including a division manager and an IT support engineer.
  • Benefits: Amazon says it is committed to work-life balance and its positions are linked to expanded health plans, paid time off, and employee discounts.
  • More: Find out more on their website.


  • WHO: This Alberta financial services company translates the complex world of banking and investing into simple solutions for customers. It is a local company that has been operating in the province for more than 80 years.
  • Workplaces: They are hiring 25 roles, from customer centric jobs to backend development roles, which may now be based in Edmonton.
  • Benefits: The company says its culture is based on caring, trust, inclusion, accountability and contribution. It was named one of the 100 best employers in the country.
  • More: Check them out online.


Starbucks Christmas mug

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  • WHO: Starbucks is the largest coffee house chain in the world. Known for their fancy drinks and spelling mistakes, the chain is a fun place to work if you want to get into the coffee world.
  • Workplaces: Starbucks is hiring half a dozen jobs in the Edmonton area this November, varying in positions and skill levels. If you’ve always wanted to become a barista, now is your chance!
  • Benefits: The perks include a free box of tea or coffee every week and a 30% discount on all products.


  • WHO: This Alberta-based power company operates thousands of kilometers of pipelines across North America.
  • Workplaces: Enbridge is hiring nine positions in Edmonton that focus on everything from an IT business engagement specialist to a senior electrical engineer.
  • Benefits: Enbridge prides itself on helping its employees achieve their full potential. It stated that people should be rewarded for hard work and should be able to develop skills that will help them move forward in the company.
  • More: Check out the company’s job openings to see if it suits you.


  • Who: Microsoft is the world’s leading provider of software, services and solutions that help people and companies achieve their full potential. Recognized as one of the Great Places to Work in Canada, Microsoft offers customers nationwide sales, marketing, consulting, and local support services.
  • Jobs: The tech giant currently has eight open positions in Edmonton, from engineering to sales.
  • Benefits: Microsoft employees enjoy flexible hours, generous vacation time, health benefits, discounts on their products and services, scholarship programs, and more.

University of Alberta

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  • WHO: This teaching and research university and campus in central Edmonton is one of Alberta’s largest employers.
  • Workplaces: The university is currently hiring more than 100 positions from academic staff, security officers, software developers and gallery managers.
  • Benefits: The university offers health and denture benefits, paid vacation and vacation leave, retirement benefits, and subsidy and reimbursement programs.
  • More: See which positions are open on their website.

The brick

  • WHO: The Brick is a Canadian home furnishings retailer founded in Edmonton.
  • Workplaces: The Brick is currently hiring in a variety of positions across the store, warehouse, and headquarters.
  • Benefits: This company offers flexible health and dental insurance plans, life and disability plans, compassionate sick leave, and other wellness programs. Employees also receive discounts at The Brick and partner dealers. The Brick also values ​​continuing education by providing employees with access to online courses, training programs, and tuition reimbursements.
  • More: You will find current vacancies on their careers page.



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  • WHO: Walmart is a retail company that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores
  • Workplaces: Walmart is hiring 300 jobs in Edmonton this December, including opticians, department heads and merchandising store workers.
  • Benefits: This company offers flexible health and dental insurance plans, life and disability plans, an educational assistance policy, and other wellness programs. Employees also get discounts at Walmart and partner dealers.
  • More: You will find current vacancies on their careers page.


  • WHO: Stantec is a renowned engineering, architecture and related service company with more than 22,000 employees worldwide. It is one of the largest employers in Alberta.
  • Workplaces: Stantec is currently hiring more than 70 positions, from Piper designers and engineers to positions that keep things running smoothly, such as a service desk analyst or database administrator.
  • Benefits: The company offers health and dental prosthesis services, paid vacation and vacation, retirement benefits, and a wellness program.
  • More: See which positions are open on their website.



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  • WHO: This university offers degrees in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It has been recognized as one of Alberta’s top employers for the past decade.
  • Workplaces: They’re hiring more than 25 positions, from apprenticeships to institutional support careers.
  • Benefits: The company offers advanced health benefits, including dental care, a flexible expense account, and an employee / family support program. Vacation and vacation times between Christmas and New Year are also included.
  • More: Check them out online.

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